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I engage with clients to help them heal trauma, increase self-understanding, and create stronger relationships.

I engage with clients to help them heal trauma, increase self-understanding, and create stronger relationships.


Do you hope for better but need a hand getting there?

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist based in Seattle, Washington. I have a passion for supporting emotional growth and work best with clients who are motivated to improve important relationships in their lives, including the relationship with self. A family systems perspective is at the core of my approach: we are products of and influenced by the relationships in our lives. For clients affected by trauma, I frequently use Brainspotting in my work.

Colleagues and friends describe me as insightful, compassionate, and motivated. I have worked successfully with clients from a variety of cultures, identities, and backgrounds and welcome you to my practice.

Come as you are!



All successful therapy begins with a trusting therapist-client relationship. I offer a free 20-30 minute phone consultation for new clients to ask questions and discuss their needs for therapy. Please contact me to schedule your time. I look forward to hearing from you to explore how we can work together.


Please do not hesitate to call.

I am happy to speak with you!

Phone: 206-395-4284


I use a secure client portal for intake forms, teletherapy, and credit card payments. Checks and cash also accepted. My rate is $125/clinical hour. I can provide superbills for clients wanting to request insurance reimbursement.

**currently keeping a wait list, not accepting new clients**

*please note that I offer telehealth sessions to established clients only, as I have observed that clients make much faster progress with in-person therapy
*HEPA filter used always, masks at client's request

Concerns Addressed in Therapy:

While not an exhaustive list, these are some of the issues we can address in therapy:

  • Personal growth in relationships

  • Family conflict

  • Couple conflict and concerns

  • Complex or specific trauma

  • Prejudice/social justice

  • Mood disorders in teens and children

  • Intellectually gifted teens and children

  • Adult child issues

  • Illness

  • Depression

  • Anxiety


See my Services page for more information

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