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Seeking therapy demonstrates a willingness to be curious and take responsibility for ourselves. I create an environment of respect for your process, using compassionate inquiry and exploration as the foundation for our work together. For many clients, Brainspotting is a powerful method that provides relief from trauma or persistent negative emotions, and opens greater access to the authentic self. I offer this approach on an individualized basis and according to your interest or need.



Some of the most intense feelings we experience as human beings occur in relationships with intimate partners. Conflicts with a spouse or partner often reflect our deepest longings for connection, but may have become too confusing or upsetting to manage on your own. While each couple has unique needs, the strength of my work with any relationship is the ability to have hard conversations and get to the root of conflicts quickly. I support you both to show up as your best and authentic selves.


Family life brings challenges that you may feel unable to resolve on your own. Maybe you are not the kind of parent you wish you could be. Maybe you and your spouse or coparent cannot agree on how to approach your child's undesirable behavior. Or maybe you wish you could talk with your teen without arguing. These are common problems, but they can leave family members feeling vulnerable and exhausted. I can help you find ways to ease tension and reach a balance between healthy autonomy and belonging. This process may include individual adolescent/child sessions, parent sessions, and/or full family sessions to meet your family's particular needs. Many families find out in therapy that they share strengths they were not able to see clearly before. Even the most conflictual families often have hidden gifts. I am here to help you discover them. 


*please note that I offer telehealth sessions to established clients only, as I have observed that clients make much faster progress with in-person therapy
*HEPA filter used always, masks at client's request

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